Basket Review No. 33: Texas Roadhouse

First off, shoutout to Texas Roadhouse for having gift cards that never expire.

I got a Roadhouse gift card from my mom (thank you) during my senior year of high school (I’m 23 now) and never got around to using it.

Well last night I finally put it to great use.

I reunited with my good friend Aaron Simmons at the Roadhouse on Thursday night. Not only was it quality time to catch up, it turned out to be a historic night for the blog.

I had checked out the menu online and had pretty high expectations for the chicken from the photo and description; but felt there was potential for the steak fries to hold it back. The thing about steak fries is they’re much thicker than regular fries, so there’s always a chance they have a soft texture with zero crisp.

I’ll get to the fries later. The chicken strips, or “chicken critters,” as Texas Roadhouse calls them, were fantastic. This was probably the second-highest quality chicken I’ve had thus far, behind only Wild Bill’s.


Every now and then there will be a bite of a chicken strip that leaves me thinking, “that’s not right.” Not a chance of that happening to me with these strips. Surrounding the chicken was a great, perfectly seasoned breading. If I had to low key complain about anything, there could have been a little more crunch.


The steak fries that I was skeptical about also exceeded my expectations. They were crispy on the outside and fluffy as all hell on the inside with ideal saltiness. The ranch was quality. No complaints.

The complimentary bread with cinnamon butter at Roadhouse is wonderful. But you know the rules — it’s appreciated but not a factor.

And now, it is my honor to crown Texas Roadhouse the new Chicken Strip King (for now). I give this basket a 9.1. It was just so good. There are better fries in the world and the strips could’ve been a touch crispier, but that’s undoubtedly the best basket I’ve had so far.

Sidenote: A dude sitting near us at the bar ordered a very delicious looking piece of prime rib with a baked potato on the side. When his waitress asked him if he needed anything else he asked for a side of ranch. … Interesting.

So she brings it and this guy dipped each bite of prime rib in the ranch. I kept a calm demeanor because that’s just how I am, but inside my head was pure chaos. That is a wild, wild move. He just skipped the au jus went straight for the ranch.

I’m not judging. Maybe he’s just ahead of the curve and figured something out that no one else has. Probably not. Whatever. 9.1.

Author: thrillswithjmills

Food lover located in Fargo, N.D. Chicken strip aficionado; blogger; aspiring TikTok superstar.

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