Basket Review No. 37: Hardee’s

I have been seeing ads with David Koechner (Todd Packer) screaming in my face about Hardee’s new hand-breaded chicken tenders nonstop so I gave in and bought some. You’re welcome, Packer.

Sidenote: A Hardee’s commercial? He was on The Office for several years, did two Anchorman movies and ended up at Hardee’s? Whatever. I won’t hate. He probably made bank doing these ads.

And maybe this guy has a point.

These were some quality chicken tenders. Sometimes these fast food places put out chicken strips that are dry as all hell and don’t have the highest-quality taste or look to them, but these didn’t fall under that category.

The chicken was nicely seasoned. The breading was overall tasty and decently crunchy, but was a hair thin in some areas.


Hardee’s has solid fries. They aren’t amazing and they aren’t bad by any means. They were crispy and salty enough. The ranch was some standard ranch you’ll find at essentially any fast food place. I have nothing else to say about it.

Overall, I give this basket a 7.7. Fast food chicken strips are so hit-or-miss, but these were nice. If they were presented to me, I’d never turn them down.

Usually I have something else to talk about, like the ambiance of the restaurant or my life being ruined by the trains of Fargo-Moorhead. Not sure I have anything to add.

It was a Hardee’s drive-thru. There was a menu and a window where the goods are exchanged. The guy who took my money and gave me my food said zero words the entire time. So that was kinda weird I guess.

This is making me uncomfortable. Goodbye. 7.7.

Author: thrillswithjmills

Food lover located in Fargo, N.D. Chicken strip aficionado; blogger; aspiring TikTok superstar.

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