Basket Review No. 58: Earl’s Drive-In

Hello, hello. I recently visited a part of the world I had never previously been to — northwest Minnesota.

I specifically was in Roseau, Minnesota’s North Star City, according to Roseau’s city website. It was a charming town that I’m excited to visit again. Shoutout to Emma and the Vatnsdal family — thank you for having me. I’m looking forward to returning.

I had heard only wonderful things about this infamous drive-in restaurant, so on our way out of town, we picked up some food for the road. Let’s talk about that food.

This was just a classic, hearty chicken strip basket that I’d be happy to destroy any day of the week. In terms of quality or style, the strips weren’t mind-blowing in any way, but they were left in the fryer for the perfect amount of time. With these types of strips, the meat so often will be dry, as was the case with Mexican Village. This wasn’t an issue here, though. It was all-around good chicken.


The fries were some standard, salty fries that were just fine. They were pitched to me as soft and absent of the crisp that I desire, but there was definitely some crisp there. They weren’t anything I had never seen before, but they were decent.

I typically prefer ranch with a thicker consistency than at Earl’s, but the flavor was top-tier, so the thinness wasn’t any sort of issue. The toast and coleslaw was also tasty.

Overall, I’ll go 7.5 for Earl’s chicken strip basket. They didn’t reinvent the wheel with any element, but everything was done well. And Earl’s has carhop service, just like a 50s style drive-in. It’s a cool place. I look forward to returning.

That score makes Earl’s the king of the drive-ins (so far) on this blog. (See also: Tastee Freez, Red Onion and Sonic).

When we arrived in the morning, we were greeted with a wonderful breakfast prepared by Emma’s parents. The hash browns, bacon, eggs, sausage and toast were all delicious. Everything was very much appreciated.

Earl’s Drive-In. 7.5.

Author: thrillswithjmills

Food lover located in Fargo, N.D. Chicken strip aficionado; blogger; aspiring TikTok superstar.

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