Basket Review No. 5: Dairy Queen

For Basket Review No. 5 I went to everyone’s favorite spot for strips: Dairy Queen.

DQ’s chicken strip basket is the classic; the OG; but how does it stack up against the other baskets I’ve eaten thus far?

Let’s find out.

The strips were excellent. They had the perfect breading; it wasn’t too thick or thin, and was nearly the perfect amount of crispy. Dairy Queen’s strips are about as good as Popeyes.


The fries at DQ are good, they’re nothing spectacular but certainly not bad by any means. I would never complain about receiving fries of this quality. They could have been slightly crisper and could have used a pinch more of salt, but nothing to drag them down.

The ranch was ranch. It was a normal, good-tasting ranch. No bonus points will be rewarded and none will be subtracted either.

Overall, this was the best basket I’ve had so far. I give Dairy Queen’s chicken strip basket an 8.3. It was comprised of top-tier strips and solid fries, so you really can’t go wrong. It’s the standard-setting chicken strip basket.

It’s good that I do not judge basket extras, such as toast in this case. Usually, I am pumped when I remember that DQ blesses us by including toast in their chicken strip basket. But this toast was far from a blessing.

It was trash. It tasted like they just took a piece of Wonder Bread, microwaved it for 15 seconds and slathered some margarine on top. Garbage. It was not even remotely crunchy and tasted border-line stale.

But I have to respect the game and keep an even playing field, so I cannot and will not judge extras.


Author: thrillswithjmills

Food lover located in Fargo, N.D. Chicken strip aficionado; blogger; aspiring TikTok superstar.

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