Basket Review No. 82: Labby’s

Good evening. I hope this finds you happy, healthy and hungry. If you aren’t hungry now, well, you still may not be by the end of the article, but give it time.

I’m at the point in my chicken strip quest where I Google “restaurants” and scroll through every area restaurant until I find one I haven’t had chicken strips at. This took me to Labby’s in north Fargo.

In the two minutes I spent inside Labby’s to pick up my food, it seemed like a fun college sports bar, one of my favorite types of establishment. I wouldn’t mind going back for food or a happy hour.

I’ve blogged about this basket numerous times. It’s the classic frozen, mass-produced chicken strip basket found at bars and restaurants all over.

The breading on the chicken had acceptable crunch and seasoning. The chicken quality was fine and the overall flavor was intermediate.

Alongside the basic tenders were a pile of standard shoestring fries; however, I enjoyed the seasoning on the fries. It tasted like Lawry’s seasoned salt, which is delicious.

The kicker in this basket was the spicy ranch. I would buy that by the gallon if I could. It was one of the best condiments I’ve had on this culinary journey. Now that I think of it, Cane’s sauce from the GOAT Raising Cane’s is the only sauce I can remember enjoying more. The spicy ranch had a punch of dill flavor that put it over the top. I need more.

But, the spectacular sauce can only elevate a basic basket so much. I’ll go 5.7 on the food. It was fine and I wouldn’t turn it down, but it was food I’ve eaten time and time again.

Author: thrillswithjmills

Food lover located in Fargo, N.D. Chicken strip aficionado; blogger; aspiring TikTok superstar.

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