Basket Review No. 93: Perkins

Sup and welcome to the 93rd installment of me reviewing chicken tenders.

I believe this was the last chain restaurant available to me in the Fargo area that I hadn’t done a Basket Review at. I THINK. I’ll have to double check my archives, but time to find more local chicken tenders!

I hadn’t been to Perkins in a very long time prior to this review. It used to be a fantastic late-night stop in college. Especially when the 9 p.m.-6 a.m. app deal kicked in. That 2 a.m. build-your-own sampler was a godsend and really helped absorb all those, ah, “liquids.”

Video below, a few more words after the video if you’re into that.

This wasn’t exactly an electrifying finale for the chain restaurants of Fargo-Moorhead.

These looked like Dairy Queen chicken strips. A classic American strip from a classic American joint. The tendies, however, were on the dry side and didn’t have a standout flavor profile, but the crunch was decent. They were fried, dry and salty. Not much more to say there. They weren’t gross, just kinda boring.

The fries were flaccid (the drive home could have played a part, but you’ve got a fry problem if 10 minutes in a takeout box alters the texture that much) and probably could’ve used a bit more salt. And, yeah, there are also tots in that basket. I went double starch for my two side choices. It was cheat day, alright? Sue me. Sheesh.

Also, I ordered online and didn’t have the option to choose my dipping sauce. Gotta fix that, Perkins. I like honey mustard just as much as the next guy, but give me some MOTHERFU — nah. I wasn’t that upset about it. But I did want to explore more sauce choices, especially the ranch.

This was a 5.2 basket. Pretty forgettable. Not bad enough to be entirely mediocre, but not exactly good. That’s all I got. I have some fun chicken strip content planned for March Madness. Stay tuned. Much love.

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