Basket Review No. 94: Lunds and Byerlys

Sup, fam. Welcome to another Basket Review!

This installment comes from a grocery store I really wish we had in Fargo — Lunds and Byerlys. It’s a wonderful store through and through, with a great deli, meats and a bakery you should NOT look at unless you want to add 3-500 incredibly delicious calories to your day. (Not an ad, but could be, wink wink).

They apparently also make their own chicken tenders. Thank you and shoutout to my mother for getting these for me!

Now, there’s a little asterisk here because these were prepared, packaged and sold cold, and then reheated in the air fryer. So they definitely weren’t reaching their potential in that condition.

Let’s get into it.

These huge tenders had good flavor and crunch; however, they had become dry. I’ll attribute that to the reheating. If I had them fresh with similar flavor and a less-dry interior, they would’ve scored higher.

For the French fry pairing, I opted for a frozen bag of Alexia Yukon gold garlic fries. They were solid — fluffy interior, crispy exterior, garlic seasoning on point.

I knew there had been something missing from life lately because I’ve been feeling some sort of emptiness. … I have no ranch in my fridge. I feel like a hack and a fraud. So I rolled with Heinz Buffaranch as my condiment. It boasts a good, creamy buffalo flavor that goes nicely with chicken and fries.

Overall, I’ll rate this basket a 5.6. I’d like to reaffirm that it definitely would’ve been higher if the tenders were fresh.

That’s all I’ve got. Thank you for reading and watching. Take care of yourselves.

Author: thrillswithjmills

Food lover located in Fargo, N.D. Chicken strip aficionado; blogger; aspiring TikTok superstar.

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