How does KFC’s spicy chicken sandwich rate?

Fam, hello.

It had been TOO LONG since I had a crispy chicken sandwich, and still hadn’t tried KFC’s new spicy sandwich, so figured I should probably give it a go.

Here’s the video, I’ll drop more words below.

The sandwich is very good. My favorite element was the texture. The breading was beautifully crunchy while maintaining a juicy interior. KFC has its seasoning down for that breading and it comes through well on the sandwich.

The spicy mayo had a good overall flavor and a perfectly comfortable heat level. It’s finished with a couple crisp pickles that are a nice cherry on top of any chicken sandwich.

I think this is my second-favorite fast-food chicken sandwich right now. It’s got that texture that I love and nice taste. I’m giving this an 8.2.

I do have to say one thing, though — and if you watched the video, this is a repeat for you. … They gave me two top buns. Which has never happened to me anywhere. It probably didn’t affect the flavor of the sandwich at all, but was just bizarre.

Thank you for reading and watching. Take care of yourselves and send me any requests you’ve got.

Author: thrillswithjmills

Food lover located in Fargo, N.D. Chicken strip aficionado; blogger; aspiring TikTok superstar.

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