Basket Review No. 97: Speedway

Hello, fam! I hope you are well and thriving.

Welcome to the 97th installment of the Basket Review. Can’t believe I’ve found 97 chicken strip baskets to write about, but here we are. I’ve got 98-100 mapped out and cannot wait to get to those, so stay tuned!

BIG shoutout to my close friends Tim and Steph Bullock for the request for No. 97. They said I had to get the chicken strips from Speedway and that the Speedway Sauce was a must.

First off, these chicken strips were HUGE. Biggest tenders I’ve ever seen and there’s something to say for that.

(Yes, the photo was taken mid-meal)

Flavor-wise, these were solid. Size aside, they were run-of-the-mill, but the flavor was there and the quality was decent. Sometimes with those standard strips, they’ll dry out, but that wasn’t the case here.

The fries were very strong. They were like thin-cut seasoned steak fries with plenty of salt and pepper.

Paired with the fried elements was the star of the show, the coveted Speedway Sauce. I even got extra and was glad I did, because there was not a drop of it left by the time I was done. It was sweet, tangy and delicious — somewhere on the Chick-fil-A sauce lineage.

Overall, this was a solid 7.5 basket. I’d never be mad about it. Thanks to everyone for reading and thank you again to Tim and Steph for the request!

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