Basket Review No. 10: J.C. Chumley’s

For this very special Basket Review I visited MSUM’s favorite bar, J.C. Chumley’s.

I love Chumley’s. I can never thank them enough for holding down one of my favorite traditions, “Study Night,” each semester on the night before Study Day.

As I’ve recently discovered, their food is also great.

There are two chicken strip options on the menu – the classic chicken strips or the beer-battered chicken strips. I chose the beer-battered.

Not going with the classic chicken strip might get some fans riled up; however, a chicken strip is still a chicken strip, so if you offer me an elevated version of it, you bet I’ll order that one. It’s fair game.


The strips were outstanding. The chicken was juicy and coated in a fairly thin batter that was ideally crispy.

The seasoned fries were executed quite well, but could have been slightly crunchier. The strips and fries were brought together by a flawless house ranch.

Coming with the chicken strip basket was a solid, crunchy piece of toast that I appreciated; but as y’all know, I will not let extras influence my judgement.

I’m proud to say, Chumley’s is (for now) the Chicken Strip King with their beer-battered strips and seasoned fries. I give it an 8.7.

An all-around great basket that had essentially nothing to complain about.

Some may wonder, “Well if there was nothing to complain about, why isn’t it a 10?” What if I find a better basket? Then what am I supposed to do? Ten is the max score, so if I give this a 10 and find something better, I’d be forced to make them the same even if one is better than the other.

That would be a disaster. I would lose all credibility. 8.7.

Author: thrillswithjmills

Food lover located in Fargo, N.D. Chicken strip aficionado; blogger; aspiring TikTok superstar.

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