Basket Review No. 75: A different Hornbacher’s

As alluded by the title, I’ve reviewed Hornbacher’s chicken strip meal before.

That review was conducted at the far south store in Moorhead, my previous go-to grocery spot (I moved and it’s way out the way now, it’s still a lovely store). This new review was at the 42nd Street store in Fargo, which is different than the other three Hornbacher’s I’ve visited, in that it has a lunch buffet.

Well, I grabbed a few groceries at said Hornbacher’s and noticed there were chicken strips featured on that day’s salad bar/lunch buffet. The chicken strips were different than those at other locations. The breading was clearly darker and thicker. I couldn’t just walk away not knowing how they stacked up to the tenders previously reviewed.

IMG_5392 2

I was intrigued. The thick breading was that of 100 other strips I’ve had before. Within the breading, was chicken that tasted the same as the deli chicken tenders at other Hornbacher’s stores. So, if my calculations are correct, this store uses the same chicken as the the others, but decides to take a left turn with the breading. Fascinating.

The potato wedges were still fine, they always have a little more crisp than I expect and still retain some inner fluff. I generally prefer fries, though. The ranch was just some basic stuff, so it got the job done.

I threw a couple wings, mozzarella sticks and some cucumber salad in there, as well, because why not?

The mozzarella sticks weren’t the greatest, I found them too salty. But they were still enjoyable because they’re mozzarella sticks. The wings were nice. They were just plain wings and I would’ve preferred some buffalo sauce.

The cucumber salad wasn’t bad, but I could do without the bland tomatoes in it. I generally enjoy tomatoes, but they didn’t really do anything for me here. I did like the dill dressing and the red onions were a nice touch.

None of those extras factor into my score, though, which is 7.2, 0.2 better than the other basket. I like these hybrid strips they’re cranking out at the 42nd Hornbacher’s — they’re some of the crunchiest I’ve had.

Thanks for reading. Keep your eyes out for two more blogs this week. Love you. 7.2

Author: thrillswithjmills

Food lover located in Fargo, N.D. Chicken strip aficionado; blogger; aspiring TikTok superstar.

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