Is Beyond Meat a viable replacement for a beef burger?

Good evening, friends. If that seems like an odd title given what I usually post; you’re right, it is.

But, there was an opportunity for content this weekend and I firmly grasped it, with the convincing of those around me.

The Beyond Meat burger

Beyond Meat is becoming more and more popular. I even watched a video about Mark Wahlberg’s workout regiment and he said he always is stocked with a hamburger alternative. Yeah, THAT Mark Wahlberg, as in Wahlburgers.

I’ve long been curious how the Beyond burgers (pictured above) stacked up to regular beef burgers, so here we go.

The beef burger (pictured below) was my preference, but the question in the title was answered: Beyond Meat can be a viable replacement for beef burgers. It really isn’t bad at all. The texture is dryer than that of a standard beef burger, but the flavor was good. You could give this to burger enthusiasts without saying anything and I don’t think they’d mind it.

And, keep in mind, I’m a standard burger guy. I love a good, greasy, juicy cheeseburger. So it’s not like I was entering this as someone declaring death to the beef industry and advocating for more plant-based proteins. No. I’m not that guy. I was just curious and wanted to give it a fair chance. If any readers are also curious, I’d recommend doing the same. It’s good stuff.

Burger featuring standard beef

The standard burger was juicier and had a little better flavor overall, so it took the matchup by a 7.7-7.1 advantage.

Thanks for reading. Take care. Have a good week and stay tuned on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more content.

Author: thrillswithjmills

Food lover located in Fargo, N.D. Chicken strip aficionado; blogger; aspiring TikTok superstar.

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