Basket Review No. 92: Space Aliens with bonus Martian Munchies

HELLO, everyone. I hope you’re all well and thriving.

I’m happy to return to your screens with my words and low-quality videos in the new year.

For this installment, I’ve got a nice little Basket Review and appetizer combo. Big shoutout to Carissa Wigginton for the request. It had been YEARS since I visited a Space Aliens, so even just walking through the front door, paying for my food and driving home was a nice trip down memory lane.

(I’m off my game and forgot to photograph the goods, please forgive me)

Carissa suggested the chicken strips or Martian Munchies, so I got a little crazy and ordered both. Martian Munchies, which are strips of boneless pork, are something I had not previously experienced. Without giving much away, I’ll just say that I’ve been missing out.

Video below; more words below the video.

So there ya have it. An all-around enjoyable meal.

I liked the chicken strips, but they were pretty standard bar-style chicken tenders. Nothing wrong with that, but they didn’t stand above the crowd.

The fries were seasoned well and pleasantly crispy. The accommodating ranch was some very good stuff.

On the Martian Munchies front, label me a fan. They were very good. My only complaint would be they’re slightly dry, but they had far more redeeming qualities than bad ones. The pork had a sort of crispy bark, like a burnt end, and the BBQ sauce was tangy and tasty. Really an ideal, messy finger food.

Chicken strip basket: 6.1

Martian Munchies: 7.5

Thanks for reading, thanks for watching and thank you, Carissa, for requesting.

As always, I love when people request. I’ve got a couple others in the works, but always feel free to slide in my DMs/texts/email with something you’d like to see me consume and discuss. Much love and take care.

Author: thrillswithjmills

Food lover located in Fargo, N.D. Chicken strip aficionado; blogger; aspiring TikTok superstar.

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