Did Wendy’s just ‘end’ the chicken war?

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Wendy’s has introduced a new classic chicken sandwich, paired with the phrase, “Wendy’s didn’t start the chicken wars, they just ended them.”

THAT is a bold claim. I respect that marketing tactic (sometimes). A respectable joint like Wendy’s can say something like that and it can be perceived as not completely ridiculous. Not like a certain other fast food joint claiming it brought back “the most important sandwich of the year” and it falling a hundred miles short of said claim.

I digress.

I had to get my hands on this “war-ending” chicken sandwich and see if it can live up to a statement like that.

Video below, more words to follow the video. (For better or worse, video/audio quality have been upgraded, still messing around with it).

I had to put this side-by-side with current fast food chicken sandwich frontrunner, Popeyes, because Popeyes is winning the chicken war, as far as sandwiches go.

Popeyes classic chicken sandwich

Wendy’s made a good sandwich. It’s a very good sandwich. But it didn’t end the chicken war. I wouldn’t even say it’s top tier. As far as fast food goes, this still has a couple steps to take to get to the Popeyes level, and isn’t quite up to par with a Chick-fil-A, either.

The new chicken patty is an improvement. The breading has more of a crisp and the chicken was noticeably juicier. I’m down with the toppings — lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayo. A classic spread. I noted this in the video, but I’d like to taste this with just pickles and sauce. I think those toppings, or something similar and simple, is the best route for a crispy chicken sandwich that wants to emphasize the chicken.

It’s a 7.4 sandwich; very respectable, definitely tasty. This sandwich did not end the chicken war; however, it did make it more fun.

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Food lover located in Fargo, N.D. Chicken strip aficionado; blogger; aspiring TikTok superstar.

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